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Magnum Dog Food

Iberian Pork & Tuna

3 kg

12 kg

The feed Magnum Iberian Pork and Tuna for All Breeds is made without meat meal only from fresh Iberian pork meat and tuna from the Atlantic Ocean, without gluten and without added fats. An important factor is that the feed is not extruded.

Through a special processing process, heat treatment at low temperatures, cold pressing and using only the highest quality natural, fresh ingredients, Magnum feed preserves the highest proportion of natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, aroma and delicious taste.

With the natural food Magnum Iberian Pork & Tuna for All Breeds, your dog will be full of energy, healthy and with a beautiful shiny coat.

Product description

Meant for

Adult dogs of all breeds.


pork 40 %, tuna 28 %, rice, beet, brewer's yeast, cumin, turmeric. Without artificial flavors, colors and antioxidants.

Analytical components

crude protein 27 %, crude fiber 2 %, crude fat 17,5 %, crude ash 7,1 %, moisture 18 %

Special sensitive recipe

Easily digestible without potential risks of food intolerance. No soy, wheat, corn, etc. are used in this recipe. No animal or plant by-products added.

100% Natural

Without artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors and GMO ingredients!

Gluten free

No grains, only high-quality brown rice: Brown rice is not industrially processed like white rice, i.e. it retains more nutrients and fibers that facilitate digestion.

Quality fresh regional ingredients

Semi-wild Iberian pork, tuna from the Atlantic Ocean, brown rice. The meat is processed fresh.

Elimination of health risk

Granules Magnum do not hold water, so they do not swell in the stomach, which prevents unwanted health problems such as stomach torsion.

Feeding rations Magnum Iberian Pork & Tuna

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