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Magnum Dog Food

Pure Silica Gel Cat Litter





Magnum Silica silica gel litter for cats is 100% natural, subject to decay. Due to its high absorbency and long service life, the bedding guarantees lower consumption compared to traditional litters.

Product description

Meant for

For all cats.

High absorbency and odor control

Millions of microscopic pores in each crystal soak up liquid like a sponge. Odor and dirt are trapped inside.

Shape and dust-free

The special size and shape of the crystals helps that the Magnum litter does not stick to the fur and paws and does not irritate the cat's eyes and nose thanks to its dust-free properties.

100% natural and safe

Magnum litter is 100% natural, subject to decay, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Economic and lower consumption

Due to the high absorbency and long service life of the Magnum litter, it guarantees lower consumption compared to traditional liiters.

Instructions for use

fill the clean cat toilet with Magnum litter to a height of 3,5 - 4 cm

place the toilet in a dry and warm place

to keep the toilet clean and fresh, remove dry excrement every day

replace the entire contents of the bedding in the time interval according to the instructions on the package

the used bedding throw away in a bio-waste container

Special message

If the Magnum litter is new for your cat, you can add it to the old litter.

For more than one cat, it is better to change the litter more often than to use several litters at once.

Important message

Pregnant women and people with reduced immunity should wash their hands immediately after handling bedding.

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