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Magnum Dog Food

Fish with Chicken Wrap

80 g

Soft, natural meat treat for dogs - dried fish wrapped in a strip of chicken muscle.

The length of the treat:

Product code:

8 cm


Product description

The fish are whole and with bones, which are so small that there is no risk of injury to the dog, but they are a natural source of calcium and phosphorus in digestible form.

The treat is an excellent source of calcium.

It serves as a reward during play, training or as a food supplement when traveling.

They do not burden the organism, they are excellently digestible.

Without negative effects on teeth and gums.

There is a closable zipper on the top of the package, thanks to which its contents do not dry out and the treats stay fresh and tasty for longer.

Meant for

Adult dogs of all breeds.


chicken meat, fish meat, starch, sorbitol, glycerin.

Analytical components

crude protein 50 %, fat content 3 %, crude ash 3 %, crude fiber 1.5 %, moisture 20 %.

Feeding instructions

After opening, close the package well with the zip closure.

Use as a reward for dogs, they should always have drinking water available.

Not intended for human consumption.

Store in a dry and cool place.

Expiration date

Listed on the packaging.