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Magnum Dog Food

Rawhide Small Braid Brown

540 g

A dental, chewy treat combining buffalo hide with calcium and semi-soft meat jerky.

Treat size:

Pieces in a package:

Packaging in a carton:

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Product code:

6,5 cm





Product description

apuffy braid made of everything your dog likes

chewy buffalo hides and delicious, fragrant and meaty jerky

a reward that no dog will refuse and that will reliably keep smaller dogs busy for a while

the unique shape reduces the risk of swallowing the treat and, on the contrary, promotes chewing

apart from fun, 1-2 pieces a day will be enough to support dental care

Meant for

Adult dogs of all breeds.


beef, animal by-products, vegetable by-products, cereals, chlorophyll, minerals, no preservatives, colors according to the EU.

Quality features

crude protein 45 %, crude fat 3 %, crude ash 4 %, crude fiber 1 %, moisture max. 13 %, supplemented with calcium up to 2 %

Feeding instructions

feed 1-2 pieces per day according to the weight and size of the dog

Expiration date

Listed on the packaging.